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We are presenting a range of Skin & Hair Care Products, out of them many have gained high popularity in the markts, some of them are:


Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Say Yes To Healthy Hair and Skin with DERMED Cosmetics.

Founded decades back in 1960, we, Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have been working on the philosophy of supporting people stay beautiful, healthy and young by providing them quality based skin and hair care products.

We have been dedicated to introducing highly effective cosmetics under DERMED brand name. We use our original ingredients to produce DERMED Whitening Cream. Premium No.1 Cream,  Premium lotion , Hair Essence, and more. Original ingredients like Kojic Acid, Serumvital, and CTP are also on sale. 
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Hot Products
The products that continuously stay in demand and make us grow in the industry are:
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